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To The Combined Japanese Martial Arts Centre in Sheffield (Cobu)

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Tengu Bujutsu Dojo


Japanese Martial Arts School run by Sensei A. Betts Chief Instuctor Combined bujutsu.

Combined bujutsu (Mixed martial arts training) Karate, Taijutsu,  Kenjutsu, Jojutsu, Tantojutsu


Develop confidence and inner strength through the power of karate and ninja taijutsu.


Improve your mental focus through samurai fencing technique.  Male or female, young or old, absolute beginner to advanced practitioner, all are welcome! 




Group Lesson Times:


Adults and Teenages

7pm - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

1pm – Saturday




5pm - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


6pm - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

12pm – Saturday




Please note:

Juniors MUST always be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian for their first lesson






"My son has been training as a junior in Cobu at this dojo for over two years now, and I have no hesitation in saying that it has helped with his physical and psychological development immensely. This is fostered by a Sensei who manages to expertly combine the elements of fun and discipline in such a way that maximises the learning opportunities."  - Mark.


"Len & I can't be with our son Jon 24 hours a day, everyday and we wanted to know that he would be able to defend himself if ever needed. He's been Tengu Dojo Sheffield for just over four years now, started when he was five and still loves it.We feel confident as we watch him train each week with the other boys (great bunch of kids - need more girls!!!) we've no need to worry!!  - Thanks Andy :)"


"after joining the dojo with a friend i have enjoyed every moment of it, all the equipment is provided for sparring unlike most other martial arts classes, and its affordable for most students, i hope to keep training here for the years to come."  -  Jonathan


" i joined the dojo with my friend as a way to improve our fitness and give us some way to meet up on a regular basis and ever since the 1st time i can i have enjoyed every lesson its an effective and fun martial arts as well as a fun way to keep fit filled with a friendly atmosphere and all the equipment you could possibly need i couldn't recommend it more if i wanted to its been a fantastic experience and i hope to keep enjoying it for a long time to come"  - Andy.


"Really good at developing (our children's) confidence and their skills and techniques in a disciplined environment. Very dedicated instructor. Excellent value."   - Paul & Ruth


"If there is a better way of keeping fit as well as building confidence I haven’t found it yet. Both my son and I get a lot out of marital arts the COBU system I’ve found to be practical and with a mix of weapons and unarmed makes it one of the most interesting styles I’ve done. To watch my son grow with his skills over the years has been amazing and to see his confidence grow”  - Shaun